November 2022

Don’t know where the year has gone, already into Winter with dark nights and lots of rain after a lovely (mainly) dry and sunny summer. We have had a busy and successful year at Glenbrae Riding Club and of course are busy planning lots of exciting things for you and your lovely horses/ponies for the upcoming year!

We have been trying out new venues, along with some of our regular tried and tested places, including having our members nights at Champfleurie, lessons at new venues like Provanston and our summer camp at Lindores. We have also been trying out some new instructors and coaches and have been getting great feedback from our members. We are always looking for new ideas from members so please get in touch (messages on Facebook are good) if you would like us to look at other ideas.

Our AGM will be held in mid January and we will be renewing memberships from early January when our membership year begins. If you are currently a member you will be emailed and an invoice for the new year sent automatically – we hope to see you all back with us again. If you are new to the club details and the membership form are available here on the website – click here.

We still have lessons and some unmounted activities for members up til the end of the year please keep an eye on the members group, our google calendar and your email for details.

Riding Club Winter Qualifiers are on in November. We have some teams and individuals going to both the dressage and the jumping competitions – thanks to everyone involved in these. Go to the Teams Page for more details (please note you must be a member to be involved in these events.)

Please watch our Google Calendar, email and our Facebook Members Group for lessons and other events.

Hope everyone finds something of interest in our calendar of events.